Hello Freedom Center Church Family!
When we were allowed to open the doors of our church for public gathering at 25% capacity one of our requirements was that face masks were mandatory. Over the past few weeks we have become a bit relaxed and haven’t followed that detail as closely as we should.
Due to the requirements now posted by Fort Bend County requiring the face mask we need to reset our efforts to do better.
Its not comfortable and to some it seems negative spiritually …… I get that….. HOWEVER …. the face mask is not a spirit of fear ….. no more than a bullet proof vest is to a police officer or to a military soldier …. no more than a mask would be to a doctor or to a nurse.
Its not all about us …. it is about others …. lets be otherly…..
We currently have about 4 people within our church membership that have been battling this virus. Some of them battled to breathe for over 48 hours before improvement occurred …. none of them are even in the high risk bracket. They didn’t get it from church … they haven’t even attended .. they have been streaming….
Point is we need to be praying for one another ….. and looking out for one another….. But take one more step and wear a face mask not just for yourself but for others….
I would also ask that as the services are concluded to please exit the building. You can fellowship on the way out and in the parking lot but we need the building empty asap to clean and disinfect. We are still holding 3 services each Sunday and we need all the time we can to keep the building clean.
I know these things are challenging and uncomfortable….. but this is where we are and what we need to do to keep our church doors open as well as our local businesses.
Keep praying! Stay encouraged and connected to the body! Find ways to bless others …… live intentional … intentional living will stick out like light in darkness during these times.
God Bless you!
Pastor Greg

*Our Church Office will still be open during church business hours if anyone wishes to drop off their tithe/offerings or conduct any other needs.*

*Our regular Children and Youth Ministries have been suspended as well.*


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“Our vision at the Freedom Center is to provide a safe and healthy environment for which families can grow, share in fellowship, and continue learning their true identity in Christ. We believe in building a body of Christ which serves the community around us and which reaches out to those in need. No matter who you are or where you come from- we have a place for you! Experience peace, friendship, and God’s great love for you. Come in at any time and be blessed by the Word of God. Welcome home friend!”

Greg and Lenda Crawford
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